Kerry Katona is Home From Camp and Pregnant?


kerry-katona-pregnant-twitterWe here in the U.S. don’t get get much exposure to Kerry Katona, but we are breathing a sigh of relief this morning.

She tweeted to start her own pregnancy rumor.
“Ok twits, I wouldn’t normally come out and say this cos its dead early but all the BULL**** being wrote in press that I quit, I’m fat, I’m lazy is CRAP!”¨”¨”I had to leave cos I found out that me and Mark are having another baby! Yep!!! We are dead shocked but OVER THE MOON!”

Then, after being congratulated, she said, “Awww thanks guys!’ she wrote. ‘We are in SHOCK! But looking forward to new baby in 2010! Please god, let it be healthy and another boy would even it out!I Wouldn’t normally say this early on but we have had a early scan and all looks well! I’m just past 7 weeks! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!”

Who knows how long later her PR person told The Mirror, “She’s not pregnant,  it was a bogus Twitter account- there are quite a few out there.”

I just want to say thank goodness. She’s just a little bit of a public mess right now and definitely doesn’t need everyone judging her.

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