Kevin and Danielle Jonas First Time Pregnancy Photo Round-Up! (Photos)


Kevin and Danielle Jonas are sharing their first time pregnancy photos and stories!   

Kevin recently told People magazine that, “Hearing the heartbeat, it becomes a different thing.” Like most of us, that just makes it real! He also explains that his wife and mom-to-be Danielle is starting to get back to normal from a tough first trimester.

“The nausea has finally subsided,” Jonas, 25, says. “Danielle’s feeling much better now in the last couple of days, which is a really big step. She’s not sick anymore.” She is having pregnancy cravings for something surprisingly healthy: grapes. “She can’t stop eating them — like nonstop,” he says.

He also tells People that he is preparing by lots of reading tools. “I’ve got a bunch,” he says, including The Expectant Father. “[I’m also reading something about] how to sleep a night after four weeks,” he jokes.

I am sure these two will have a lot more stories to share along the way!

Check out a few of  their cute Instagram photos!


  • Vacations! 1 of 5
    kevin and danielle jonas pregnancy photos

    Get these while you can, there are some changes coming your way! @daniellejonas Love and miss this handsome daddy #firsttime #vegas (Photo Source: Instagram)

  • Baby Stuff 2 of 5

    There are so many things for a mom to be! Burt's Bees is great! @daniellejonas I am so excited I got a bunch of products today. I can't wait to use them! (Photo Source: Instagram)

  • Sonograms! 3 of 5

    Ah, sonograms definitely need a frame! @daniellejonas @melzmy thank you! I can't wait to put my new sonogram in it next week! (Photo Source: Instagram)

  • Baby Gender! 4 of 5

    It is so hard until you know what the baby's gender is! @daniellejonas So excited just bought my first thing for baby !! Don't know what it is yet its killing me ! (Photo Source: Instagram)

  • Relaxing Mommy Time! 5 of 5

    Fit Pregnancy is a fun magazine to read while hanging at the pool! @daniellejonas First time out by the pool since I've been prego. Sun I need you to come out. @fitpregnancy (Photo Source: Instagram)

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