Kevin Federline Mans Up and Gets A Job


kevin-federline-victoria-prince-ed-hardy-australia-divaKevin Federline is coming to a big screen new you, maybe. Or perhaps just straight to DVD, either way he’s coming to you.

He is all set to make a cameo appearance in the newest film in the American Pie franchise. He’s going to play a Mountie, you know, like Dudley Do-Right.
He said: “They called me up and asked if I was interested. I was up for a different part originally, but then they didn’t want me playing myself. I think they thought it would be funnier for me as a Canadian border guard.”

Wait, did that just say they didn’t want him to play himself. That’s funny. He says he’s been bitten by the acting bug since appearing on “Celebrity Fit Club” and is thinking about making a foray into the acting world.

Foray—That’s what I said, not him.

So it looks like he may be trying to step up and actually make something of himself. That would be good, because those boys need a father figure in their lives, not just a guy, sitting on the couch, living off of their mom’s money.


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