Kevin Federline's Girlfriend and Daughter get Manicures. What's Wrong With This Picture?


On Wednesday, Kevin Federline’s girlfriend, Victoria Prince, took his daughter, Kori, for a manicure. What’s wrong with this picture? I mean, OTHER than the fact that, despite his checkered romantic past, women continue to date Kevin Federline? 

It’s the gnarly feeling of deja vu I’m getting in my gut—seeing the spawn of a Hollywood star getting close to a girlfriend who may not be around for long. Jesse James’s kids uber-bonded with Sandra Bullock, and now she’s gone. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy bonded with each other’s kids. And now poof, up in smoke.

Step-kids (and unofficial step-kids) are becoming Hollywood’s most tragic collatoral damage. And these poor Federline children (their mom is Shar Jackson) have already dealt with enough for one lifetime. Does the name Britney ring a bell? They deserve a break. 

Photo: Pacific Coast News