Khloe and Lamar: Will Khloe Kardashian Be Pregnant Soon?



khloe and lamar
Khloe & Lamar Show

Khloe Kardashian and her husband LA Lakers star Lamar Odom premiered their new reality TV show “Khloe and Lamar” Sunday night.

Some time ago Khloe expressed why they kept their hungry fans waiting for another installment of Kardashian fever:

“It’s been an option since we got married, but we wanted to enjoy our first year in private,” Kardashian said on her blog. “With ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ only a very small part of our life together is shown, but with this show, we’re putting it ALL out there LOL.”

Does this meant that the couple will also be trying for a baby on the show? 

Apparently Khloe and Lamar have been trying to get pregnant.  The 26-year-old reality TV star admitted she really wants to have a baby soon. Rumors have been flying that Khloe has been struggling with infertility.

It’s been a year after all… Khloe surely is getting baby fever after being aunt to Mason, her sister Kourtney’s son.

I’m sure the new show will deal with Khloe and Lamar’s desire to start a family and how they are “trying” to conceive.

What do you think?