Khloe Kardashian Not Confirming or Denying Pregnancy Rumors


Oh, the suspense is killing us, Khloe! Okay, not really. But in typical Kardashian fashion, Khloe Kardashian thinks it is. The reality television star, married to basketball player Lamar Odom, is rumored to be pregnant but isn’t telling either way.

“If I was [pregnant], I would not say anything to anyone because you can’t say anything [until] past a certain point,” she coyly told Ryan Seacrest Friday on his radio show. “It’s about health.” And probably ratings and media coverage.

Her older sister, Kourtney is sharing something — and it’s her secret weapon for getting into shape after giving birth to her son Mason.

“Right away, when I had Mason in the hospital, I used a Belly Bandit,” Kourtney tells Seacrest. “You wrap it. It’s like from ancient times … I have a limited edition Kourtney Kardashian Belly Bandit. You use it for 45 days, and it’s supposed to help your tummy go back to normal because you can’t work out for six weeks anyway, not that I have time.”

The nurses in the hospital gave me a similar contraption after my c-section with twins — and I can attest that it does work.  You can buy the “limited edition” Kourtney Kardashia Belly Bandit here for a cool $69.99. Or a regular non-Kardashian branded one here for less than $43.  I think the decision is an easy one…