Khloe & Lamar: Another Kardashian Baby On The Way?!



Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom tied the knot a few days ago and already there’s baby buzz!  Boy, those two are working fast.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Khloe’s baby sisters believe the newlyweds will pop babies out sooner rather than later.

“I know Khloe has always wanted to have kids, because when me and Kylie were little, she would babysit us,” said Kendall, 13. 

“She was like our second mom.  I know she’ll be a great mom.”  Aw, sweet.

Kylie, 12, chimed in, “I just can’t wait for her to have kids!”

The girls said Odom is fitting into their family quite nicely.  “The first time I met [Lamar], he gave me a hug,” said Kendall.  “He’s the nicest guy.  I know I keep saying that, but it’s true.”

Kylie adds that they consider him “family now.”  She said, “You can’t control love.  They’re in love with each other.  I think they’re a great couple.  I think it’s going to last their whole life.”

Khloe bump watch has official started!

Lamar is dad to Destiny, 11, Lamar Jr., 7, with ex Liza Morales.