Kid Rock to Sheryl Crow at CMT Music Awards: "Have My Baby!"


The surprisingly funny and charming Kid Rock hosted the CMT Music Awards last night and had a certain proposal for fellow singer Sheryl Crow: “Will you just have my baby, and let’s just get it over?”  While the duo sings well together (remember their “Picture” duet?), I’m not sure they’d make the greatest couple. Alas, Kid Rock was just kidding. We think. Here’s what Crow replied and some other witticisms from Kid Rock (okay, I have a bizarre little crush on him) last night:

Crow didn’t seem completely opposed to the idea: “If it’s a girl, maybe” she replied. Crow is mother to two boys, Wyatt and Levi.  And other lines from Kid:

• “I know there’s no smoking! I got the memo. Calm down.” (to an audience member, while smoking a cigar onstage)

• “Sit down Paula Deen, we’ll get you a drink in a minute!”

• “Lady Antebellum is like the hillbilly Fleetwood Mac. I suspect they don’t do drugs and they’re sleeping with each other.”

• “I felt good at the beginning. Now I feel real good, you know what I mean?” (toward the end of the show)

I’ll have your baby, Kid!!!  (If my husband won’t mind…)


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