Kid Style: Shiloh & Zahara — A Tale of Two Daughters


brad pitt venice 280210One would think that having daughters almost the same size and age would be convenient for one big reason, they could share their clothes. But not these two celebrity girls.

Shiloh and Zahara‘s everyday style is very very different. One dresses like a chic French woman, kinda like her mom, and the other like a preppy sporty boy, kinda like her dad. This difference in their outward appearance was evident in photos snapped of Brad Pitt taking the kids out in Venice, Italy. Check it out here. zahara-and-shiloh-style

Shiloh, she wore a pair of lose fitting khakis, a windbreaker and a pair of the blue boy hued Stella McCartney for GapKids sneakers. Zahara opted for chic in her fitted legged black pants, her Alice + Olivia double breasted coat and her pair of metallic gold flats.  And the hair, it says it all. Shiloh sports her new short boyish cut while Zahara opted for pigtails.

Are these two just channeling mom and dad? I hope that doesn’t mean Shiloh is going to grow a beard!

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