Kids Dish On Best Advice From Famous Fathers


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Denzel Washington and wife Pauletta Pearson

With Father’s Day right around the corner, PARADE magazine asked the children of famous fathers for the best advice their dad ever gave them.

The answers were right on target…and heartwarming!

John David Washington, son of actor Denzel Washington:
“I was 10, and it was my first time playing tackle football. While I loved football, I was frightened by the contact. I wanted to quit, but Dad wouldn’t let me. He did hitting drills with me until I stopped being scared. When I got knocked down, he’d say, ‘Are you hurt? No? Then get back up.’ He taught me if you have the fortitude to continue, you can and should.”

Susie Buffett, daughter of Warren Buffet:
“I was nervous about telling my father when my son wanted to leave college and pursue his interest in music. But instead of saying, ‘He oughta finish school,’ Daddy said, ‘Good for him.’ He told us it’s not about the money—just follow your passion. He’s always supported everything we’ve done.”

Jessie Bridges, daughter of actor Jeff Bridges:
“Recently when I was an assistant on a movie, I ended up being put on camera. I called up Dad to ask for advice. He went through different approaches and ways to prepare, and he ended with, ‘Come on, Jess, remember to have fun!’ Whenever I’m under pressure, he gives me a pep talk that always finishes with that.”

Image: PCN

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