Kids From The Boys & Girls Club React To LeBron James' Donation, Think He Should Buy Lots Of Cars (VIDEO)


The decision is in: LeBron James is heading to Miami to play for the Heat.  Tonight, he’ll be heading down to celebrate the move with some serious partying at the W Hotel South Beach.

But while LeBron is on top of the world, many are crushed. After days of speculation, pumping up the star player’s ego with love and admiration, the inevitable backlash has begun by those spurned by his choice. Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cavs has written an open letter that’s, nicely put, bitter. People are hurt and they’re lashing out.

I’ve seen articles that have heaped the disdain on him for the hype surrounding his decision, questioning why he announced his move in such a large way with a televised special.

Why? I really don’t know if there was some deeper motivation or a PR ploy at work. What I do know is that he used it to do a lot of good for a lot of kids. All the money made by advertising from last night’s special will go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, a total which comes to at least $2.5 million.

A number of the kids were asked what they would do if they were given millions and following LeBron’s lead, they all said they would donate to charity. They also had some ideas about what he should do with some of his own money: Mainly, buy cars and lots of them.


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