The Four-Year-Old Art Critic


  • Paul Klee: Red Balloon 1 of 12
    Paul Klee: Red Balloon
    “It looks like a building with a lollipop sticking out of it there in poo-poo land. But I think the guy was trying to paint a town with a big sun with a popsicle sticking out of. So it could be a popsicle or a lollipop. Mom? Can we go get a lollipop?”
  • Rene Magritte: The Son of Man 2 of 12
    Rene Magritte: The Son of Man
    “I really like this one. It’s like a grape fell from the sky or a big peach that is green. And the leaves are really sticky and they have glue on them and they stuck on his face. I think the artist drew it to make people laugh.”
  • Wassily Kandinsky: On White II 3 of 12
    Wassily Kandinsky: On White II
    “It’s really dumb. I hate the colors. The shapes. The shapes are nothings and they are really blah. But those…those are shrimp.”
  • Max Ernst: The Elephant Celebes 4 of 12
    Max Ernst: The Elephant Celebes
    “It’s a big machine that does nothing all day every day. It’s scary too. And that lady has her head cut off. I really hate it…I don’t want it. I don’t want to look at it. It’s scary!”
  • Max Ernst: The Kiss 5 of 12
    Max Ernst: The Kiss
    “It looks like a young girl wearing a pretty dress and her head is really small but she has really big feet. And I love her blue hair and her blue eyes. She’s just sitting there thinking…but she’s not thinking about anything. And there’s a little dinosaur in there too!”
  • Joan Miró: Painting 6 of 12
    Joan Miró: Painting
    “It’s a robot that’s been thrown out, and a machine grabs it and tears it apart and kills it. Wait cross out ‘kills’ and write down ‘destroy’. But I don’t like it. It’s really scary, don’t you think?”
  • Kurt Schwitters: Merzbild 5B (Picture-Red-Heart-Church) 7 of 12
    Kurt Schwitters: Merzbild 5B (Picture-Red-Heart-Church)
    “It’s a big hallway with a bunch of windows with nothing — lots of nothing. It’s really boring. I don’t like any of the color. But I like the heart.”
  • Willem de Kooning: Composition 8 of 12
    Willem de Kooning: Composition
    “A total mess. It’s like the artist just wanted to make a total mess. That’s it. But in the corner there is a big blue monster smiling with one eye.”
  • Franz Marc: Mountains 9 of 12
    Franz Marc: Mountains
    “This is a great big blast of robots. But all the robots are broken — really broken. But all the robots love each other and are hugging.”
  • Jackson Pollack: Number 1, 1950 Lavender Mist 10 of 12
    Jackson Pollack: Number 1, 1950  Lavender Mist
    “It’s a total mess like a little boy painted it. And it’s super crazy. He’s that little tiny black spot right there. But it looks kind of like a city too. It’s actually the whole world, and there’s our house right there!”
  • Pablo Picasso: Women of Algiers 11 of 12
    Pablo Picasso: Women of Algiers
    “This looks super silly! It’s a man with an eye on her tummy and a girl with her hand sticking out of her head. They are at someone’s house and there is a karate boy and he has a bunch of green grapes in his tummy with a bird coming out of his bum.”
  • Salvador Dalí: The Persistence of Memory 12 of 12
    Salvador Dalí: The Persistence of Memory
    “This is a just bunch of clocks. But the clocks are all dead. (Long pause). Everything is nothing.”

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