Kim Cattrall Dumps Boytoy Because He Wanted Kids



Sex and The City star Kim Cattrall, 52, is a woman who knows what she wants.  She was dating 29-year-old Alan Wyse and had no problem keeping up with a much younger man.  However, when he said he wanted babies, it was time for things to end.

Kim and Alan had been together for five years and things were going well, until, according to sources, Alan mentioned adopting a child.

“Kim had no trouble keeping up with a much younger man but when it came to starting a family, the age difference mattered big-time!” said a friend.

“She was happy and content with Alan as long as he played by her rules.

“But earlier this spring, Alan started grumbling about how his life felt incomplete and that he wanted a child. Kim soured on Alan as soon as he started talking babies.

The friend added, “She’s way past the point of wanting to deal with the hassles of dirty diapers and being tied down for the next 18 years of her life.

“They hit an impasse, and with neither willing to budge, Kim and Alan decided it was better to part ways now rather than drag things out.”

Hard to make a relationship work if one person wants babies and the other absolutely does not.  Hopefully, they both find what they’re looking for!