Kim Cattrell Serves as Warning for These Childless Celebs!

Kim Cattrell kids
Kim Cattrell regrets putting career ahead of family

Because we were so used to seeing Kim Cattrell in her role as single and childless Samantha Jones on Sex in the City, it was easy to imagine that the actress never wanted children.

But, did you know that the 54 year-old Cattrell actually wishes that she had had children? She put work ahead of her marriages and ahead of having children. Now, she accepts that she will never have a baby. Perhaps a few of these childless celebs should take a lesson from Kim Cattrall: 

Jennifer Aniston: Jennifer wasn’t ready to have kids when Brad Pitt was and we know how that turned out! She has been spotted with a ring on her finger, so maybe she has found a baby daddy!  She would have one of the cutest celeb baby bumps ever, we just know it!

Cameron Diaz: Can’t you imagine her as such a fun mom?

Jessica Biel: Though she’s not quite 30, time passes so quickly. Will she make time for a baby?

Beyonce: She and Jay-Z have been together for close to ten years and married for three of those. Will they have a baby anytime soon?

George Clooney: Added him to the list just because I bet there are lots of women out there who would volunteer to have his baby.

Then again, having a baby isn’t for everyone. Time will tell what these celebs decide about having a family of their own!

Photo: PRPhotos