Kim G On Why She'd Annihilate Elvira As The New RHONJ, Plus A Family Secret


Kim G. has been getting a lot of screen time of The Real Housewives of New Jersey lately, playing evil sidekick to Danielle Staub’s arch villain. She’s a front runner for taking Dina Manzo’s spot on the show, despite what Elvira Grau may think/wish/make sacrifices to the reality TV gods for. And it just may happen! Kim G.’s ready and feels that she would do a great job, which in this case probably means she’d do her best to throw fists and use swear words.

As for mental preparation, Kim says bring on the haters! “You know what? They’re going to trash me,” she tells Zap2it. “They’re going to trash Jacqueline [Laurita]. They’re going to trash the other girls. When you’re in the public eye, that’s what’s going to go on. I’d be on medication if I read [all the opinions of me]. I know who I am.”

Who is Kim G? She’s a mother of two college aged sons and has a daughter in high school. While not divorced, she has been separated from her husband for 7 years. “They really haven’t exposed my life in terms of my everyday living. You know you see Jacqueline with the kids. You see Teresa [Giudice] going to the store. Well, I do that also. I’m a real, real mom.”

Kim G. is also connected to the other Kim, Kim D. They’re sister-in-laws! “We are the two K’s! The two backstabbing Kims. I don’t know what [Bravo is] waiting for. I thought maybe they were going to [reveal] it last week when we were sipping martinis together.”

If one of the Kim’s gets the gig and the other doesn’t you’ve got to wonder if there would be jealousy. Kim G. was actually interviewed by Bravo before the outset of the show but was dating a man who did not want to appear on camera and was nervous of being too public. All that’s changed now though. She’s love to be on the show!

“Quite frankly, I have the goods,” she says. “Does Elvira have the goods? She couldn’t play in my ballpark. I’d annihilate her in every which way.”