Kim Kardashian Already Thinking About Her Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: it will be a long six months before June comes around! Pregnant reality television star Kim Kardashian hasn’t even gained any baby weight yet, and she’s already thinking about how she plans on losing the weight after she gives birth to her baby.

In an interview with Us Magazine (or the Kardashian Weekly, if you ask me), Kimmy Cakes says that her sister Kourtney Kardashian’s recent 4o-pound post-baby weight loss is an “inspiration” to her and that she would like to follow her footsteps with a similar diet plan. She tells the mag:

“How incredible does Kourt look!? She has lost 44 lbs in 6 months since giving birth to Penelope and looks better than ever. She is an inspiration to me! While we were in Miami we would always work out together and keep each other motivated and I am so proud of her!”

While there’s no doubt that losing the weight after having a baby can be a real challenge, let’s hope that Kim concentrates on something much more important: her baby. And believe it or not, I actually do think that Kim is going to turn out to be a great, caring mother. I’m not giving up hope on her, even though it sometimes seems like the rest of the blogosphere might have a long time ago.

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