Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton: How Their Mom Styles Differ (Photos)


It seems like this time last year we couldn’t get enough of both Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton and their maternity fashions. Fast forward one year and it looks like these two women have taken very different approaches when it comes to their mom styles.

While Kate Middleton likes to keep her style as timeless as possible (she is a Duchess after all!) with plenty of tweeds, cautious hemlines and fashionable heels, each dress she’s worn during her recent tour to New Zealand and Australia have instantly made headlines. Surely, she can wear a simple t-shirt from H&M and it would sell out within minutes!

As far as Kim Kardashian though, she’s definitely been much more experimental with her looks. I can’t help but get a very European feel from her most recent looks, and by that I mean something Donatella Versace would wear in the early 90s. There’s no doubt in my mind that her fiancé Kanye West is orchestrating her looks behind the scenes, and while I do like some of the most recent things she’s worn, I can’t help but wonder how uncomfortable she’s probably feeling in them, too!

Take a look at our photos below and tell us, whose mom style do you prefer better, Kate Middleton or Kim Kardashian? Sound off in our comments section below!

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