Kim Kardashian As A Baby Girl: 7 Throwback Pics Of The Pregnant Star Growing Up (Photos)


Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 2.02.12 PMLooking at Kim Kardashian’s most recent baby bump photos, we can’t help but wonder if the reality television star is indeed expecting a baby girl. I might be alone in this, but I still believe the old wives’ tale that bumps in the front mean a baby boy and bumps gone wide mean a baby girl. And you can clearly tell by looking at Kim‘s bump that there just might be a little girl with a pink bow from Etsy cooking in there!

We’ve rounded up several of Kim’s Throwback Thursday photos from the past year of her as a baby and a child and oh my, was she a gorgeous little thing! If Kim does end up having a girl, Kanye West better watch out because if she takes up after her mother, he’ll have trouble with the boys on his hands!

Check out our photo gallery for all the cuteness below!

  • With Mom 1 of 7
    With Mom
    Kim Kardashian looks so cute as a baby with her mom, Kris Jenner, here. TOO CUTE!
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  • Christmas Sweater 2 of 7
    Christmas Sweater
    It looks like Kimmy Cakes was into ugly Christmas sweaters before it was a thing! Here she is with her BFF Alison in 1989.
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  • With Bruce 3 of 7
    With Bruce
    Simply put, Bruce Jenner ALWAYS had the most patience in the family, then and now!
    Source via Instagram
  • Sisters 4 of 7
    Who says Kim and Kourtney Kardashian can't keep secrets?
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  • Soccer Star 5 of 7
    Soccer Star
    This soccer pic of Kim is just too adorable. I can see Kim's future daughter looking just like this.
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  • With Dad 6 of 7
    With Dad
    These was no doubt that all of the Kardashians, including sisters Kourtney and Kim here, were incrediblt close with their dad.
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  • Pre-Teen Years 7 of 7
    Pre-Teen Years
    Remember that awkward time in your life when you'd spend most of your weekends at the mall taking pics at a photo booth with your friends? Yeah, Kim Kardashian did that too!
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