Kim Kardashian Claims To Have Fallen Off The Wagon


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Kim Kardashian Falls Off The Wagon

Kim Kardashian admits to taking two months off from working out in order to film Kourtney and Kim Take New York in NYC. She has since returned to the gym.

“I hit the gym hard today!!!! I fell off for 8 weeks in NYC BUT IM BAAAACKKKK!” she Tweeted Saturday.

The reality star claims to have been a size 2 a few months ago and just recently learned to love her curvaceous 5’2″ figure.

“I never knew to embrace curves,” said Kardashian, who is now dating Halle Berry‘s ex, Gabriel Aubry. “I looked at my aunt and cousins and saw these Armenian women with big butts and boobs, and I didn’t really realize how attractive it actually was then. Your perspective grows.”