Kim Kardashian Doesn't Want To Bare All For A Magazine Cover


94582PCN_KimK01aPregnant Kim Kardashian, who is used to having her entire life publicized with both her reality television show and in the gossip mags, wants to keep on thing private, and that’s her belly bump. Even though she’s already showed us her bare bump in a peek-a-boo Instagram shot, sources are saying that the mama-to-be does not want to pose for a magazine cover the same way Jessica Simpson and Demi Moore have done in the past.

According to the source, Kim feels like she is going to be “scrutinized” if she does the bare belly shot. Here’s what In Touch Weekly reports:

“She would have had her pick of any cover she wanted,” the source added, saying that Kim had many offers on the table. However, “It opens her up to too much scrutiny.”

The mag also says that part of the reason why Kim doesn’t want to pose in the buff is because she’s “freaking out about her body” and her weight gain. Of course, this is all unconfirmed by Kim herself.

Hmm.. what do you guys think? Is that the real reason why Kim’s not on a magazine cover?

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