Kim Kardashian Has Her First Cravings...for In-N-Out!


Kim Kardashian shows off her baby bump while out and about in New York City

There have been many rumors about Kim Kardashian having a whole slew of pregnancy cravings. But she hasn’t, until now, had any big ones. She was even complaining about her lack of cravings saying:

“I just don’t crave any of the junk food that I used to eat normally and that really is upsetting to me,” Kardashian told E! News. “I thought I was going to be home eating like McDonald’s and Taco Bell and ice cream—can’t eat any of it.”

But it has finally happened, she has crossed over and has had her first BIG pregnancy cravings for that California staple In-N-Out Burger! She tweeted the photo below saying, “Damn!!! I spoke too soon! My 1st pregnancy craving! #InNOut #EnjoyingEveryBite.”  And she’s not the only Kardashian to crave In-N-Out when pregnant, her sister Kourtney complained of indulging too in too much of their food while pregnant during an appearance on Jay Leno.


Photo: and Twitter.