Kim Kardashian: I'm Not Jealous of Kourtney's Post-Baby Body


In Touch has a cover story claiming that Kim Kardashian, known for her body (she posed for Playboy after all!),  is jealous of sister Kourtney for her fantastic figure less than a year after having a baby. In Touch made up the friction, says Kim via her website:

It’s so funny how ridiculous this is. I am so proud of Kourtney!! She had Mason less than a year ago and is at her skinniest. She looks amazing and is an inspiration to new moms everywhere!!!

We have such different bodies, and to say we are competing against each other, or that I’m jealous of Kourt’s body is just ridiculous. I embrace my body the way it is, as every woman should. There is no such thing as a “weight war,” dolls!

I guess In Touch couldn’t think of whose baby Jennifer Aniston could be carrying this week…