Kim Kardashian is a Mommy Blogger?!?


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Kim Kardashian does many things. She has a fashion line for Sears with her sisters, she flies around the world from Brazil to France to Africa, she poses for magazine covers like this one, and this one, and this one (all which debuted this week) and now, apparently, she will add another job to her resume. Kim Kardashian has become a “mommy blogger.” Yes, a “mommy blogger.”

This week on her official website she (or her people) posted a new entry entitled, “Mommy Blog: Perfect Maternity Jeans.” In the post she touts the magic of the J-Brand maternity jeans, yes a topic that mommy bloggers are known to cover. Next up she will be reviewing the best diapers to use and recipes for homemade baby food or 10 tips for weening your baby? Time will only tell how much of a “mommy blogger” she will become. But from one “mommy blogger” to another, welcome to the club!

Photo Source: PR Photos