Kim Kardashian Is Desperate For A Baby

kim kardashian, kim desperate for baby
Kim Kardashian is desperate for a baby!

While most of the Kardashian family is happy for Kourtney Kardashian’s pregnancy, sister Kim’s feelings have been clouded by jealousy.

In fact, Kim is so unhappy that her sister is having another baby that she’s desperate to have her own!

According to In Touch,“It’s Kim’s dream to be a mom, and she especially wants a little girl to dress up and pamper. She was green with envy.”

In order to put on a brave face and hide her true emotions, Kim allegedly buys expensive gifts for the new arrival as well as her 2-year-old nephew Mason Disick. “Kim wants a little girl who she can treat like a princess,” the insider says.

Rumors suggest that Kardashian has reunited with her former flame Reggie Bush, 27. But he is apprehensive of starting a family with her “fame-hungry lifestyle.” Ouch!

What do you think Kim should do?

[Photo via PR Photos.]