Kim Kardashian Looks Pregnant Again (Photos)

kim kardashian pregnant
Kim Kardashian appears pregnant in this photo.

Now that she’s engaged to Kris Humphries, I really don’t think that Kim Kardashian will be able to escape pregnancy rumors until a baby bump is actually confirmed. Kim shot down rumors that she was pregnant a few weeks ago, but when she wears outfits like this, she makes herself appear to be expecting. Take a look at this picture…does she look thicker around the middle or is it just the shirt?

Chances are that Kim Kardashian is not pregnant, but she really does seem to make some poor choices when it comes to clothes that make her look bigger than she actually is. In fact, whether or not Kim appears to have a baby bump seems to depend on her outfit.

These new photos were taken while Kim dropped her car off at a body shop in West Hollywood. Take a look and answer the hot question that everyone is asking, “Is Kim Kardashian pregnant?”

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  • Wearing Baggy Clothes Again 1 of 4
    Wearing Baggy Clothes Again
    Kim has a great figure, so why does she wear baggy tops?
  • Is the Bag Hiding Something? 2 of 4
    Is the Bag Hiding Something?
    Kim keeps covering her belly with large bags...why?
  • Posing With Fans 3 of 4
    Posing With Fans
    Kim took a minute to take pictures with fans.
  • Baby Bump or Bad Outfit? 4 of 4
    Baby Bump or Bad Outfit?
    Could Kim be pregnant? Or just another fashion fail?

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