Kim Kardashian Pregnant? Photos Show a Belly Bump, But Kim Confirms It's Not True!

Kim Kardashian pregnant rumors
Kim Kardashian pregnant rumors true?

Is Kim Kardashian pregnant? A photo showing Kim Kardashian with a bit of a belly bump certainly got the rumors started, but Kardashian sets the record straight.

MediaTakeOut posted the photo that showed Kim Kardashian looking a little preggers, with commentary that “It appears that she’s gotten herself KNOCKED UP!!”

The site also noted “what appeared to be an OBVIOUS BABY BUMP.”

Kardashian took to Twitter to confirm she is NOT pregnant, tweeting: “Funny some website today put up a PHOTOSHOPPED pic of me & made my belly huge & said I’m pregnant!”

She added, “NOT TRUE & u can google to see the real pics.”

It appears that other photos of Kim at the event don’t show any signs of a pregnant bump.

How annoying must it be to have rumors made up about you… to the point of sites doctoring photos to support the gossip?