Kim Kardashian Seen With Rounder Belly: Pregnant or Just Honeymoon Weight? (Photos)

kim kardashian
Does Kim Kardashian have a baby bump?

Now that Kim Kardashian is married to Kris Humphries, everyone wants to know when she will be pregnant! Kim has talked about wanting babies for some time now, and odds are good that she and Kris won’t wait too long before starting a family.

Kim and Kris have settled into life as newlyweds in New York City, where they are busy filming Kim’s reality show with her sister Kourtney Kardashian. This photo of Kim was taken at a party in Manhattan. Is it me…or does her belly look a bit rounder? Kim has been under pregnancy speculation before because she constantly wears baggy clothes, but this dress shows her normally flat stomach looking noticeably fuller.

Kim and Kris really enjoyed their honeymoon in Italy, and they no doubt indulged in some very good food. Maybe Kim is just sporting a little extra weight after her trip instead of a baby bump?

Take a look at these photos of Kim from the party and judge for yourself. Is Kim pregnant, or is she just showing signs of a happy newlywed?


  • Is that a baby bump? 1 of 5
    Is that a baby bump?
  • Rounder mid-section! 2 of 5
    Rounder mid-section!
  • Kim’s belly definitely looks fuller. 3 of 5
    Kim's belly definitely looks fuller.
  • Bad camera angle? 4 of 5
    Bad camera angle?
  • Could a mini-Kim be on the way? 5 of 5
    Could a mini-Kim be on the way?

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