Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Amazing Yeezus Tour Style (Photos)


Kim Kardashian definitely has a new job. Not only is she one of the most talked about reality television stars in the world, but it looks like she’s also one of the stylish baby mamas to ever hit the tour circuit, too! It looks like Kim has made it her full time job to look like one incredibly yummy mummy as she follows her baby daddy Kanye West on his Yeezus tour along with their 5-month-old daughter, North.

Kim has been showing off her incredible outfits on her Instagram account, which include a lot of leather, a lot of beige and a lot of dope Saint Laurent jeans. It looks like Kanye is in fact making her one of the most stylish celebrity mothers in the entertainment world with her new wardrobe.

Check out our photos below from Kim’s Instagram account and let us know what you think! Is her new style a hit or a miss for you?

Photos via Instagram

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