Kim Kardashian Skin Tight Leather Dress Designed by Kanye West!


What did you think of Kim Karadashian’s skin tight pumpkin hued leather sheath dress she wore in New York City this week? It’s not your normal every day maternity dress, but then Kim Kardashian is not your every day pregnant lady! But this wasn’t just some off the rack number, as it turns out this curve hugging frock was designed by someone who really loves Kim’s curves. This simple leather dress and motorcycle jacket were designed by Kanye West! Check out more images of the outfit in question. Was it a Kanye and Kim hit or miss?

  • The Dress 1 of 5
    The Dress
    Kanye West reportedly designed this simple dress.
  • The Curves 2 of 5
    The Curves
    Kanye loves Kim's curves and that's evident in this design which shows off all of them!
  • Tight! 3 of 5
    The dress is so tight, one wonders how Kim got in and out of it!
  • Fashion is his passion 4 of 5
    Fashion is his passion
    And fashion is a passion for Kanye! And so is Kim, so it's two things that came together!
  • The Color 5 of 5
    The Color
    The color veers away from the black and white trend that Kim has been embracing, but she'd wear any color for her man!