Kim Kardashian Throws a Party Because She Wants to, but Fans Urge Her to Donate to the Philippines (Photos)


Kim Kardashian is one celebrity who can throw a party for absolutely no reason and get away with it! The reality television star recently shared a photo of what looks like a HUGE party about to happen in the Kardashian’s backyard on her Instagram account.

Although, it doesn’t look like everyone is down with the soiree. Many of Kim’s fans on her social networking accounts are urging the reality television star to instead donate to the typhoon-ravaged Philippines, which this weekend has seen massive devastation and over 10,000 killed in one of the worst natural disasters to hit the country in history.

So far, Kim has made no mention of the devastation.

Tell us, do you think Hollywood and the celebrity world should be doing more to help countries, such as the Philippines, that are in need during such devastating times? What are your thoughts?

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    They can throw a party because they want to. They're the Kardashians, after all!

    Photo via Instagram

  • Photoshoot 2 of 8
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    Kim and her sisters hard at work during another photo shoot.

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  • Beach Day 3 of 8
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    Just another beach day for this celebrity mom...

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    Kim celebrating her best friend's birthday. And no, this has nothing to do with the Illuminati.

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  • Baby Kim 5 of 8
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    Aww ... do you think Kim looked just like her daughter North as a baby?

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  • Kris 6 of 8
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    Kris Jenner is such a gorgeous woman, isn't she?

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    Just another work day for Kim!

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    Kendall still has that adorable baby face. So sweet!

    Photo via Instagram

Photos via Instagram

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