Kim Kardashian W Magazine: Are Magazines Trying to Pump Sales With Racy Covers? Shield Your Kids' Eyes!

kim kardashian w magazine
Kim Kardashian W magazine: Avert your kids' eyes at the newsstand!

Years ago, Playboy and Penthouse were the only magazines that required those paper bag covers to shield them from the innocent eyes of our children. Not any more. The Kim Kardashian  W magazine cover, Diana Taurasi’s ESPN the Magazine cover and Rolling Stone’s recent “True Blood” cover could all use the paper bag treatment they all feature nude cover models that would make Hugh Hefner blush, let alone my 5-year-old son!

We’ve all heard about the serious problems dogging the magazine industry. Is the result this recent spate of nude covers, which are clearly intent only at drawing buzz to sell more copies?

I shudder to think where this will go from here. Will we see SpongeBob dropping trou on the cover of Highlights? Burt Reynolds once more in all his glory on the cover of Cosmo? Cloris Leachman lounging naked on the front of AARP?

One thing’s for sure, next time you go past the newsstand, you’ll need to tell your kids to avert their eyes, at least till magazine sales pick up.

Photo: W magazine