Kim Kardashian Wants Four Kids: Video Clip To Prove It


Apparently babysitting for her nephew, Mason, and seeing how hard taking care of an infant can be hasn’t swayed Kim Kardashian’s desire for a big family. In fact, the reality TV star says that she wants to have four kids!

Even though she wants to hold off on any baby making plans for the time being, in a video clip from ET online, Kim said of being with nephew, Mason, “It kind of shows me what hard work it is and it kind of makes me want to step back a little bit and not have a baby right away. I do want kids. I want four. I started at six a few years ago.”

Six? Who does she think she is? Angelina Jolie?

Her sister Kourtney kind of chuckled at her statement and told her to start with one and then see how it goes. Amen to that! Babysitting is one thing, but you do get to return the kid to his parents at the end of the night.  It’s a little different when you haven’t slept in a week and haven’t taken a shower for two days.

Keep reading and check out the video clip below to hear what Kim had to say.

ET online clip of Kim admitting she wants a big brood:

My guess is that it will be a while before Kim becomes a mom, and when she does, I seriously don’t see the “four kid plan” quite panning out.

Photo: PRPhotos