Kim Kardashian Wedding: Will Mason be in Kim and Kris Humphries Wedding?

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Will Mason be in Kim Kardashian's wedding?

Kim Kardashian’s wedding is just days away and Kardashian fans are scrambling for wedding deets… like, will Kim’s nephew Mason be part of the wedding?

No doubt, since Mason is Kim’s only nephew, we’ll be seeing Mase decked out in a cute little tux for Kim’s wedding to Kris Humphries.

When asked on Twitter if Mason would be the ring bearer in Kim Kardashian’s wedding, mama Kourtney didn’t give away too many details.

Well, Kourtney did spill the beans about the bridesmaid dress color though!

Kourtney was asked “what color are the bridemaids dresses? and is baby mase the ring bearer?”

Her response: “GREEN!”

So, yeah, no scoop on Mason, but yesterday she tweeted: “Wow 6 days until my sisters wedding! This is all happening so fast! I’m getting excited!”

Since Kim Kardashian’s wedding will be a huge hoop-dee-doo, no doubt the paparazzi will be out in droves – which isn’t so great for baby Mason.

Kourtney shared on Twitter over the weekend: “Malibu with my family was made pretty unpleasant by the paparazi. Too intense around my son. Bad energy. Home is our haven.”

Here’s hoping Mason holds up alright with the media blitz!

Photo: Kendall Jenner