Kim Kardashian Weight Loss for Wedding, Planning to Get Pregnant Soon!

Kim Kardashian pregnant photo wedding weight loss
Kim Kardashian losing weight for wedding and baby!

Kim Kardashian is losing weight for her wedding – and in anticipation of getting pregnant!

While Kim Kardashian is looking to lose weight for her wedding, she’s also preparing her body to have a baby, as some moms strive to get in their best shape, pre-pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian has been sharing the progress of her weight loss for the wedding on Twitter, telling fans she started QuickTrim and ramped up her workout routine.

Kardashian is planning to get pregnant after she and Kris Humphries get married, saying, “I’m sure at some point in the next year I’ll want to have babies, so I have to get into my best shape before that. Maybe we’ll start trying at the end of the year. After the wedding.”

A source says Kim “wants to drop two sizes,” adding, “Kim would love to lose 15 pounds, but she’ll be happy with 10.”

Will Kim Kardashian meet her weight loss goals… and will she and Kris announce her pregnancy soon after she and Kris get married?

Image: PCNPhotos