Kim Kardashian: Will Her Baby's Name Start With The Letter K?


92940PCN_Kardashian01There is no doubt that the world will be holding it’s breath before finding out what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be naming their first born child. Ok, not really, but there’s no denying that it is going to be making headline news!

The pregnant celebrity mama-to-be recently opened up about possible baby names for her future bundle of joy and whether or not she is going to continue her mother’s tradition of naming all her kids with the letter “K.” Here’s what Kimmy Cakes had to say:

“I think it would be really cute because Kanye and I are both K’s, but half the names on our list aren’t K’s. We still have time, [so we’ll do] whatever feels right.”

Kim also added that Kanye wants to give their child a very unique name. Whatever they do, I just hope they don’t name it North… or Nine. OMG, would that be a mistake. But it would be funny, LOL.

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