Kim Kardashian: Winter Chic In The City (Photos)



Kim Kardashian knows how to do winter chic like no other! The reality television star was spotted wearing an all-white ensemble (along with some very cute black boots) while she was leaving her fiancé Kanye West’s apartment in New York City on Tuesday afternoon.

Love or hate the woman, there’s no denying that her style is definitely getting better these days. While her pregnancy looks might not have been the most flattering ones for her body type, she’s definitely learned a lesson or two as I don’t think I haven’t seen her in a bad outfit in the past few months. Either Kanye is giving her great tips or Kim is really having fun dressing her post-baby curves. Whatever the case, mama is looking good! I’ll even go as far as saying that Kimmy Cakes is in the running for my favorite best-dressed Kardashian sister (so far Kourtney holds that title!).

Take a look at our photos below and tell us, are you loving Kim’s out and about look here… or hating it?



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