Kim Kardashian’s Secret Pregnancy Tips! (Photos)


Pregnant Kim Kardashian is being watched with everything she does now that she is expecting a baby later this summer with Kanye West.

With all of the tabloids beating her up over weight, clothing choices and more a women has to carry on and be strong right?

What is her secret? What are her tips? Check out her latest instagram photos and see what she is saying …

  • Tip 1 … 1 of 9
    Tip 1 ...
    Even when you are sleepy take a beautiful photo and share with fans! @kimkardashian Getting sleepy
  • Tip 2…. 2 of 9
    Tip 2....
    Let someone else do you hair and look super hot! @kimkardashian Love my hair tonight @mrchrismcmillan
  • Tip 3…. 3 of 9
    Tip 3....
    Enjoy the Red Carpet with Couture Heels! @kimkardashian MTV Video Awards tonight with @kyliejenner #SaintLaurent #DiorHeels
  • Tip 4… 4 of 9
    Tip 4...
    Wear lots and lots of RED! @kimkardashian Vegas road trip with my road dog
  • Tip 5…. 5 of 9
    Tip 5....
    Enjoy your fans!! @kimkardashian #KardashianKhaos #Glam
  • Tip 6… 6 of 9
    Tip 6...
    Have fun with grilfriends! @kimkardashian GLAM @joycebonelli
  • Tip 7… 7 of 9
    Tip 7...
    Spend time with family! @kimkardashian My cousin CiCi looking so fab today in this Givenchy dress when Alexander McQueen was the designer!
  • Tip 8… 8 of 9
    Tip 8...
    Be bored with your best friend!! @kimkardashian We're bored xo @brittgastineau
  • Tip 9… 9 of 9
    Tip 9...
    Share your comfy pregnancy toys with sisters! @kimkardashian Look who stole my pregnancy pillow now @kyliejenner

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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