Kim Raver Opens Up About Juggling Baby & 'Grey's Anatomy'


kim raver, grey's anatomy
Kim Raver opens up about juggling children and a career.

Kim Raver, who has been enjoying a full-time gig on Grey’s Anatomy, had recently opened up about juggling work and her two children, Leo, 4, and Luke, 9.

Raver says, “Oh My God! No sleep, no time for myself! It’s really hard and really tricky. There are better days than others, at the end of the day I want it all to be perfect and for it all to be great, and there are moments and I feel that I am not being able to do it all.”

In the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, Raver’s character Teddy decided not to go to Germany with Dr. Perkins. Instead, she tells Henry (Scott Foley) that he is her husband and she has started to fall in love with him.

I honestly thought they were going to write Raver’s character out of the series, but it looks like she has at least another season under her belt.

How do you feel about Kim’s character on Grey’s?

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