Kim Zolciak Celebrates Kroys Birthday, Gets Ready For Double The Trouble! (Photos)


Kim Zolciak has a lot on her hands these days! Not only is she taking care of two toddlers at home, but she’s also preparing for even TWO MORE babies with the arrival of her twins in a few months! And if that weren’t enough, she also made time out of her busy schedule to celebrate her husband Kroy’s 28th birthday recently.

I’m not even pregnant like Kim and I just got tired for her after typing all of that!

But seriously, kudos to Kim for having all of that energy to take care of her gorgeous and growing family. It’s going to get even more hectic once her twins arrive, too (Six kids under one roof? Oh my!). Check out our photos from Kim’s Instagram account below and let us know what you think!

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    Kim wrote this on her Instagram account:

    Happy 28th birthday to the most incredible husband and father ever! We love you beyonds words and are so grateful for you! We are so proud of you! Your dedication, commitment and love for our family supersedes anything I could of ever dreamed of! Can't wait to celebrate tonight!

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    It's football season so you know what that means in the Biermann household!

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    Kim is getting ready for double the trouble with her twins!

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    My, Kim Zolciak, what lovely SHOES you have! Seriously, I'm jealous!

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    Aww, how adorable is Baby Kash sleeping here? Too cute!

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