Kim Zolciak Has a New Pool Boy and Her Husband Kroy Is Battling Pregnancy Cravings! (Photos)


Kim Zolciak has a lot on her hands these days (she’s pregnant with twins, after all) and it’s a good thing that she’s getting a little help around the house. The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared an adorable photo of her son KJ doing a little housework near the pool. Talk about a cute little pool boy, right?

And if that weren’t enough, it looks like Kim’s not the only person battling with pregnancy cravings these days. Her husband Kroy Biermann looks like he’s gaining a few sympathy pounds himself (don’t they all?). Flaming Hot Cheetos anyone? LOL.

Check out our gallery of Kim’s latest Instagram photos below, and let us know what you think!

  • Pool Boy 1 of 6
    Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.17.26 PM

    It looks like Kim has a new little helper in the house!

    Photo via Instagram

  • Kroy 2 of 6
    Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.22.25 PM

    It looks like Kroy has pregnancy cravings, too! I don't know how I could eat a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos, though!

    Photo via Instagram

  • Seeing Double 3 of 6
    Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.17.43 PM

    Kim is getting ready for her latest additions — she is going to need two of everything!

    Photo via Instagram

  • KJ 4 of 6
    Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.21.53 PM

    KJ looks like he's about to cause some trouble!

    Photo via Instagram

  • Kash 5 of 6
    Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.23.04 PM

    Aww, Baby Kash has a sweet little present for his mother. How cute.

    Photo via Instagram

  • Keep Calm… 6 of 6
    Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.22.45 PM

    I don't know anyone who can keep calm with five kids in the house!

    Photo via Instagram

Photos via Instagram

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