Girls Aloud Singer Kimberley Walsh Wants Babies


kimberley-walsh-and-justin-pregnant-baby-bump-wants-babiesKimberley Walsh’s biological clock is ticking really, really loud. So loud in fact that she says she leaning towards having a family, sooner rather than later.

Kimberley is a singer in the British band Girls Aloud and has been dating fellow musician Justin Scott for 7 years. She thinks she may be ready to give in to her “maternal urge.” She’s ready to be a mom.
“I’m definitely leaning towards having a family much more. I don’t know whether it’s my age or because I’ve got to a point in my life where I’m more happy to settle down and look after someone else rather than just thinking about myself, but I’m feeling that maternal urge.”

She’d like to get married soon, but doesn’t want to push Justin. She said, “Justin is stubborn and will only do it when he feels the time is right, not because people tell him he should. Ideally I’d like it to happen before we start a family, but none of it is too far away.”

It seems like we’re going to be seeing Kimberley take the next step in her life. We’ll be looking for a baby bump in the near future.

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