Kimora Lee Simmons Talks About Her Baby Condo


kimora-lee-simmons-the-emerald-ball-3-204x3001Kimora Lee Simmons thinks motherhood is so fab that she’s ready for more babies.

In an interview in Ok! magazine Simmons admits, “I’m scared because how could I do everything that I do on TV and how many more runways do I have to walk now pregnant, but I feel like it might be coming,” she laughs. “I feel like it might be coming again. [cackles] And I’m young, so why not?”

For now the 34-year-old is enjoying her post-baby body,

“I would like a little moment to be free to eat what I want and have a little drink and to enjoy my body post-baby — since the baby has moved out,” she said.

“We always call it the baby condo that they left behind you know, the belly. Before I get a new occupant in the condo, I’d like a little moment of freedom. I’ll let you know I can’t keep a secret, I have a big mouth. And if I don’t have a big mouth, I’ll have a big belly, so you’ll see one or the other. But so far, nothing yet.”

She seems very chatty in this interview. Nice to hear she is wanting a big brood though I have no idea how she has the time running her big fashion empire!