Kimora Lee Simmons Weight Loss: Kimora Starves Herself, Sets Bad Example for Her Kids

kimora lee simmons weight loss
Kimora Lee Simmons weight loss is unhealthy

Kimora Lee Simmons’ weight loss may at first seem impressive – Kimora Lee has lost 25 pounds – but she’s also literally starving herself!

What kind of example is Kimora Lee Simmons setting for her kids?

Kimora Lee tells, “I have shed the fat by not eating. But I don’t like to tell the kids that so they think they shouldn’t eat. No, I watch my portions, and I eat leaner proteins and vegetables and stuff like that.”

So, she’s not telling her kids, okay… and she sounds like maybe she’s just exercising some stricter portion control… but wait… she goes on to share what she ate for the day:

“So I woke up this morning and ordered breakfast at 4 AM. I had egg whites scrambled, spinach, turkey bacon and a glass of orange juice,” Kimora explained. But she also skipped lunch, then noted,”The reason I had such a big breakfast is because I hadn’t eaten in two days. I’ve had fruit, I’ve had a smoothie, I’ve had a protein bar, but it’s not like I’ve had Doritos.”

She hadn’t eaten in two days?!?

I understand the pressures of Hollywood, but you’re just asking for health problems when you skip meals… plus, I’m concerned about the message she’s sending to her kids.

Embrace your body image, Kimora!

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