Kingston Rossdale Is A 'World Class' Cutie (Photos)


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Kingston Rossdale flies his jet plane around New York City.

Kingston Rossdale and his dad Gavin Rossdale were spotted out and about in New York City on Thursday (July 28).

Kingston rocked a World Class Heroes t-shirt as he carried around his toy jet plane. The little rocker seemed to be entertaining himself as Gavin looked to be in another world.

Perhaps he was thinking about reforming his former rock group BushRossdale says he recently came off the road from touring behind his 2008 solo record Wanderlust, and started to work on some new music when Bush came back into his mind.

He said, “I went right the next day off of tour into the studio to write, and it just dawned on me that really kind of the weakest link in doing these songs was maybe bringing it under my own name,” he said. “I felt that the solo thing was cool, but it was more by default than design, and I really was just thinking, ‘Man, this should just be — why is this not BUSH? I mean, this is crazy.'”

A fall tour may be announced shortly.

Check out photos of Gavin and Kingston below!


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