Kingston Rossdale Is Way Too Big for a Stroller: Let Him Walk, Gwen Stefani!

gwen stefani
Gwen Stefani pushes an uncomfortable-looking Kingston Rossdale

How old is too old for a stroller? Gwen Stefani seems to be pressing the limits with her son, Kingston Rossdale.

The poor kid doesn’t even look comfortable crammed into the stroller. How old is he?

Kingston Rossdale will be five on May 26th.  One of my boys turns five this weekend and he hasn’t used a stroller in a long time.  Even my three year old has to be convinced to get into a stroller.  I’m about ready to ditch the stroller for good.

Then again, I don’t have paparazzi following my every move. And no one would snatch my kids away for ransom money, either.  Maybe Gwen Stefani keeps Kingston in the stroller to keep him safe?

How old do you think is too old for a stroller?

kingston rossdale
Kingston looks ready to be out of that stroller!

Photos: Pacific Coast News