Kingston Rossdale's Birthday Blues! (Photos)

kingston rossdale
Kingston Rossdale isn't too happy on his birthday!

Today is Kingston Rossdale’s fifth birthday, but he definitely doesn’t seem to thrilled about it! These photos were taken of Kingston leaving his birthday lunch with mom, Gwen Stefani. As you can see, he seems to be having some sort of meltdown. What gave Kingston a case of the birthday blues?

My guess is that he was not happy about the fact that his party was over. Kids love their birthdays, and they hate to see the celebrations, and the presents, come to an end!

Gwen Stefani looks cool and collected during Kingston’s little tantrum. I guess it takes more than a few tears to rattle this rock star mom!

Here is one more photo of Kingston and his quivering lip. We hope he had a great birthday anyway!

gwen stefani kingston
Gwen tries to calm poor Kingston!

Photos: Pacific Coast News