Kirstie Alley Forgives George Lopez

kirstie alley, george lopez
Kirstie Alley Accepts George Lopez's Apology.

Finally! The battle is over between Kirstie Alley and George Lopez.

Earlier this week, Lopez made a few harsh comments regarding the way Alley looked while competing on Monday night’s episode of Dancing With the Stars.

Alley did not take the comment lightly and refused to forgive Lopez’s multiple attempts at taking his comments back.

But, apparantly there was a change of heart eventually as Alley sent out multiple messages via Twitter while waving the white flag.

“take life as lightly as u can and then move on …even u George ….u are forgiven…..:)…” Alley began. “It always makes me laugh to see who’s team people are on.. We are creatures of competition… Myself included.

“God I love it when women get riled up!!! Hell, we can rule the damn world when we get a purpose … And when we’re pissed!!… Hehe,” she continued.

“In fairness.. Mr. Lopez sent me a HUGE Slew of flowers today… I formally accept your flowers and your regards…heres yur kidney back..;)” Alley wrote.

Do you think any of this will affect Alley’s performance on Dancing With the Stars?