Kirstie Alley Makes Her Case On Anti-Spanking On Twitter

Kirstie Alley

It looks like Kirstie Alley here has the solution as to how we parents are to discipline our children. Well, at least she says she does.

The former Cheers star took to her Twitter account to take a whip at pro-spanking parents by saying:

“NEVER SPANK CHILDREN… it breeds VIOLENCE & instills FEAR, not education. Practice GOOD control by communicating. I’ve never spanked my children or smacked them… come on!!! Physical pain is NEVER a solution! It just proves you’re BIGGER… Bullies.”

“Would you be OK with someone bigger than you Hitting you?? It is NOT a ‘personal’ decision… it is child abuse… Spanking does not illicit RESPECT, It just makes the kid fear you… Break the chain of what ‘was done to you’… children CAN reason. Would you spank your child if you were being filmed? Would U be ok with other people seeing U do it?”

Tell us Babble readers, do you agree with Kirstie’s anti-spanking stance? What are your thoughts on the controversial parenting topic?

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