Kirstie Alley on Weight Loss: 100 Pounds Lost "Healthiest Possible Way"

Kirstie Alley weight loss twitter enquirer
Kirstie Alley shares her weight loss secrets

Kirstie Alley is fighting mad over claims that her weight loss is due to an eating disorder, as the Enquirer reports.

Kirstie took to Twitter to fire off about her weight loss, noting that she lost 100 pounds in the “healthiest possible way.”

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Alley tweets: “Soo.. heard that the Enquirer is running with a story that Im bulemic…lol..JEEZ!!! “sources” JEEZ.. never hurled a meal in my life..JEEZ”

Alley adds, “Welcome to my dollhouse..when Im fat I weigh 400 lbs When Im lean Im Bulemic.. when a size 6 Im a size 10… maybe Imma dude & don’t know it”

Kirstie even threatens to sue – don’t mess with mama Alley! “Im REALLY commited and strong willed…If I was bulemic I can assure U I would be a size zero… I smell a big ole lawsuit.. do U??”

Kirstie Alley wants her fans to know that she was healthy about her weight loss. She shares her secrets of success: “important to me that you know I lost ALL my weight in the healthiest possible delicious foods, my Rescue Me & dancing…period”

Go get ’em, Kirstie!


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