Kirstie Alley Takes Her Weight Struggles To TV. Again.


kirstie-alley-reality-tv-showKirstie Alley is ready to show the world what life is like for an overweight actress.  No, wait.  This time it’s different.

Kirstie Alley is not reprising her role from 2005’s Fat Actress. That, you see, was scripted.  This time, Kirstie will be documenting her struggles with weight for a reality TV show on A&E.  It seems Kirstie Alley, and her two kids, are about to join the ranks of celebrities turned reality TV stars.

The former Jenny Craig spokesperson says she’s ready to lose the 83 lbs she has gained and move forward with her life.  She’s certainly made no secret about her problems with weight loss (and gain) in the past, and her Showtime series was often thought to be based heavily on her own life experiences.

Alley is a single mother to two teenagers.  While the show will likely touch on her experience as a mom in Hollywood, there’s no official word yet on how much camera time her two kids will be exposed to.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I hope we see more of her scale than her teenagers.  Puberty is hard enough without a national TV audience snooping through your bedroom.